Tuesday, March 27, 2007


Thoughts on Threats against Kathy Sierra...

Peace is the way of the righteous, but if you are attacked, fight back...

No individual on this planet should live their life in fear. The pursuit of freedom is not just something Americans should aspire to give to foreigners but must actively practice liberation at home. Women in society are especially vulnerable in that they must mount a facade of strength in an otherwise male dominated world where femininity is discouraged by women but somehow men themselves have started to adopt.

My heart is filled with joy in terms of all of the bloggers who have provided her with comfort in these troubling times. Likewise, I am equally disappointed in the blogosphere in that none of us have stepped up and provided her with physical protection. The IT profession tends to attract those who were softies in school but every once in awhile, a hardrock or two makes it into our profession.

Kathy, while I can't personally help you being that I am on the East Coast, if any of your speaking engagements ever end up in Boston, Hartford or NYC, drop me a note and I will personally escort you. Of course, behind me will be other IT professionals who back in the days were known for catching a case. Do not feel threatened as you have a nation of bloggers who have your back. If someone decides to set-trip, don't worry as they will need to duckdown...

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