Wednesday, March 14, 2007


Thoughts on Education in Corporate America

Have you ever noticed that the vast majority of educational courses targeted at corporate America are introductory? Have you asked yourself why aren't there more courses that teach advanced concepts? We all understand that advanced concepts logically depend on simpler concepts but thinking should stop there. Humans don't learn using predicate logic, so advanced concepts can be taught even to children, so as long as the person teaching them has some level of competency. Historically speaking, advanced concepts tend to be difficult to teach after teaching basic concepts, so what would it take to reverse polarity?

What folks consider advanced concepts are rarely taught up front to most students, or at all for that matter, due to the awe that folks unfamiliar with them hold them in. The problem with leaving them till later is that advanced concepts are usually paradigmatic. So they have to be taught at the same time, or even before, much simpler concepts to avoid encouraging misconceptions and misunderstanding.

Consider for a moment, how many times within a week where folks have gotten it twisted and confused two basic principles where you had to explain the differences? I suspect this makes up at least 20% of most enterprise architect's time and while it provides an opportunity for a dialog, it doesn't provide much more...

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