Friday, March 23, 2007


SOA and ECM Vendors

Noted blogger Todd Biske commented on SOA and Enterprise Security on the importance of identity management and how ECM systems still lack the ability to leverage an external identity management system and instead have their own proprietary identity stores and management. For the record, this problem doesn't solely exist in ECM systems but is pervasive in BPM, CRM, ERP and other systems as well.

I tend to be equal opportunity in terms of critiquing vendors in all categories but generally speaking, it is the ECM vendors that tend to be most behind the times. Many of the ECM vendors still haven't acknowledged that SOA even exists. Many of the implementations simply delegate themselves to component status and expect each and every enterprise to reinvent create services on top of them. It would make my day if John Newton of Alfresco fame were to comment why can't ECM vendors bundle Web Services support within their product and stop encouraging customers to reinvent the wheel?

I wonder if Alan Pelz-Sharpe has thoughts on what is the mental and/or technological impediment to getting ECM vendors to eliminate their own identity stores and to leverage existing ones such as Active Directory which upon checking 100% of the Fortune 500 enterprises all have up and running...

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