Wednesday, March 07, 2007


A Proud Parent....

This week has been tough. I recently learned that someone I knew died in Iraq. He was a United States Marine and left behind two wonderful children. The is no higher duty one can do to serve their country than to put themselves in harm's way. The proper way to support and honor a marine is to come to their aid when they are in trouble.

Sadly, Marine Lieutenant Colonel Jeffrey Chessani is against military criminal charges of “Dereliction of Duty” and “Orders” violations. He was on patrol in Iraq, outnumbered and was wrongly accused of shooting innocent civilians. Our government is attempting to prosecute him for a crime he is innocent and he needs our help.

Luckily, charities such as the Thomas More Law Center are coming to his aid but of course they need donations. To learn more about this marine, please click here and hopefully you will honor all soldiers who have given their lives to defend our freedoms.

On a positive note, I was blessed to come home tonight and hear from my son who is now in Kindergarten that he is student of the month in his school. That news can sure change one's day...

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