Monday, March 12, 2007


How do you measure the Intellectual Capital within your enterprise...

I was doing some reading on innovation which is the process by which intellectual capital get created and then asked myself how come many traditional enterprises are failing at innovation...

I wonder if IT executives (or business executives for that matter) ever ask themselves how many intellectual capitalists do we employ? A company can own many fine performers chock full o'competence, but how many innovative, creative problem-solvers are there?

Defining the issue of what constitutes an IC is a function of the problem space. What constitutes intellectual capital in context and who provides it? Once that's defined, the measures are implied by productivity and the nature of the ROI model of the business.

It does seem to me that in terms of metrics, traditional enterprises may not have the right metrics to get them to a better place in terms of innovation. Anyway, here is an interesting article on understanding intellectual capital...

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