Thursday, March 15, 2007


Enterprise Architecture and Covenantal Relationships

What Enterprise Architects can do to make the daily lifes of folks within their enterprise better...

The best people working for organizations are like volunteers. Since they could probably find good jobs in any number of groups, they choose to work somewhere for reasons less tangible than salary or position. Volunteers do not need contracts, they need covenants.

If we are giving folks contracts where they have the right to be terminated at any time, their jobs outsourced and/or our mantra of pay for performance where pay equals not what you have accomplished but what others perceive then are we really doing the right thing?

What if we were to pursue convenantal relationships that rest of shared commmitment to ideas, to issues, to values, to goals and to management processes instead of the your call is important to us, repeat after me that is so frequently practiced? What if we were to fill deep needs that folks have and then enable their work to have meaning and be fulfilling?

Could convenantal relationships be the key missing component to the Knowledge Crisis we face? If leadership is about influencing others, how do we go about developing that influence with people? How do we get people to do our will? How do we get their ideas, commitment, creativity, and excellence, which are by definition voluntary gifts?

Authority cannot be bought or sold, given or taken away. Authority is about who you are as a person, your character and what makes one tick. Authority is different than power. Power is all about being able to do damage. Damage can be the ability to give or restrain rewards and punishments. One of the things I strive to be is that I'd like a manager who behaves more like a peer and less like a boss as this is exercising authority not power which helps with covenantal relationships...

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