Wednesday, March 07, 2007


Enterprise Architecture: An Agility Litmus Test

So how to Enterprise Architects who talk about agility know when there is no agility in sight...

Below is a list of items that are predictors to the lack of real agility:

1. Software developers in terms of the IT organization chart are viewed on the lower end of the food chain.
2. You have recently implemented rigorous governance practices where in spirit it was to increase communication but in reality documentation is more important than communication
3. Tasks are assigned to individuals and not teams
4. You are of the belief that one role equals one individual and have not only embraced the notion of dotted line reporting but have also increased this practice to the point where the average individual has at least three indirect reports.
5. Your governance process as it matures keeps asking for more details which results in folks pretending they have competency in things they don't.
6. You believe that all developers are equal in terms of productivity and quality
7. Two developers working together to solve a problem is indicative of a larger problem, only that you don't understand where the problem resides.
8. It has been at least six months since major portions of the development team have had a conversation with a real live business customer.

I wonder how many folks in the blogosphere have ever sent this link to their bosses? Am I forgetting something?

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