Thursday, February 01, 2007



OASIS has published a draft web service profile for XACML, called WS-XACML. If you read the specification, you may notice its potential to truely support 'User-Centric' identity and many of the things that I have ranted about with current approaches such as not support authorization, relationships or attestation.

Since it is a WS-* specification, hopefully Kim Cameron will provide commentary on it as well as when he believes Microsoft will embrace. The one thing that is intriguing is that it is more user-centric where as CardSpace seems to be under the hood user-managed Service Provider centric.

Hopefully, smart folks such as Johannes Ernst, Pat Patterson, Martin Gee, Chuck Mortimore, Don Bowen, Dick Hardt, Bob Blakely, Andre Durand, Drummond Reed, Gunnar Peterson and Andy Harjanto won't all exercise their right to remain silent and will figure out how to merge it with OpenID. At least I can count on the fact that the industry analysts are watching...

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