Friday, February 02, 2007


What to do when the process is the deliverable...

If you are ever in this situation, please remember to not step in the leadership...

Usually this is a sign that there is no strong technical leadership in sight and that the whipping stick has been handed over to process weenies who are more concerned with the look, shape and overall prettiness of a process and its plan than actually delivering working software to solve business challenges.

The fact that changing the process and the plan is going to muddle it all up and force him/her to spend lots of hours re-prettying it up isn't something you should be concerned with. Maybe, this is something that enterprise architects should encourage others who are an impediment to being truly successful should pursue as a career path so that they are not in the way of real work.

Maybe this is an opportunity to use folks who consult in the enterprise architecture space but otherwise aren't enterprise architects so as to let your folks work on more important things. This behavior reminds me of the Fragile Manifesto...

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