Monday, February 26, 2007


What are you doing about diversity?

Leisa Richelt asked here about the lack of women on the speakers rosters at conferences with an equally passionate discussion started by Jeremy Keith here. I wonder if this is an opportunity for bloggers to stop exercising their right to remain silent and start drawing some attention to this issue?

Maybe folks in the Agile Community such as Martin Fowler, Kent Beck and Jeff Sutherland could start championing this cause? Likewise, Tim O'Reilly could do so in Web 2.0, James Robertson in Smalltalk, Phil Windley in Identity and Bruce Scheiner in Security could do the same.

Maybe even the industry analyst camp could figure out ways to get wonderful industry analysts such as Anne Thomas Manes, Anne Zelenka and Brenda Michelson to speak at more conferences and get quoted in the press more...

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