Sunday, February 04, 2007


Vendor Relationship Management and Building Security In...

I asked several folks what verbiage should enterprises start putting into their contracts with software vendors in order to procure secure software and the best response came from here which I wanted to further noodle...

I know that many vendors will be notoriously silent on this issue as acknowledging this as a problem publicly will cause them to do more work and they would rather use human nature and pretend the problem doesn't exist. I do know that many enterprise architects though read my blog and will start to noodle the notion of procuring secure software in their enterprise and start tasking vendors. I also have tons of faith that noted industry analysts such as Bob Blakely, Gerry Gebels, Dan Blum, Michael Cote, Nick Selby and Nick Patience will also be noodling this notion as well.

Anyway, it would be incredibly interesting if Matt Asay could tell us why Alfresco is more secure than his closed source counterparts in the ECM space in the same way that Ishmael Ghalimi could do the same in the BPM space in an upcoming blog entry of theirs...

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