Friday, February 02, 2007


Important Questions for IT Security Professionals...

My peers in other enterprises are asking braindead questions regarding security when speaking with large analyst firms. This has a result of them keeping research very shallow within the security domain. Figured if my peers are going to learn anything about security, they may be better off skipping the large analyst firms and going straight to the blogosphere...

Maybe I could get Gunnar Peterson, Mark O'Neill or Matasano Chargen to noodle some questions? Never wanting to be accused of lumping all analysts into the same category, in the security space I also like Bob Blakley, Dan Blum, Nick Selby and Gerry Gebels all of whom are highly credible and would be appreciative if they could all share their perspective on the following questions:
Hopefully, we can get others to participate in this discussion and share their own insights. Please respond via trackback...

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