Monday, February 12, 2007


Are you a corporate drone?

Figured I would share one of the observations as to why software costs way more than it should...

Have you ever been told to dumb it down, keep it at a high level or a similar phrase? Ever think about not only how much time can be saved if we eliminated low information dense meetings but also acknowledged that a remarkable percentage of our lives are filled with remarkable little thinking?

The mantra of management is to react which is different than thinking. Most of our behavior is stimulus response based. Software developers attempt to do on a daily basis what physicists and mathematicans do only when they are solving big problems. To be a good software developer or enterprise architect, it requires the ability to think in the abstract. It requires building and being able to manipulate long cause-effect chains.

If enterprises continue to reward the corporate drone with all of the repeat after me, your call is important to us then it becomes a strong predictor that software will remain crappy and the business will continue to complain about costs. What if we were to stop thinking about reactions and instead to focus on discipline which of course requires acknowledging when folks are behaving like drones...

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