Thursday, February 08, 2007


Ambient Stupidity...

Ambient Stupidity represents a nightmarish vision of the future where we shall be repressed by ubiquitous electronic environments that allegedly are there to aid us. Designed to be sensitive and responsive to people, they shall misjudge our intent and fail us at the worst possible times. Folks shall be trapped in a web of productivity-reducing automation that does what it thinks you want, but never what you wanted.

It will come with nicely packaged brochures so you can take a stupid idea and make it viral at work. The vendors of stupidity will pay lots of money to ensure it is uniquely positioned in an upcoming industry analyst research report and will hands down when the leaders spot. It will profess a new model of open source where you don't actually get to see the code nor even change it. It is smart enough to protect you from yourself and your inability to not even know how to code but also prevent others from doing the same unless you outsource it to midgets in stupidstan.

Actually...we're there now, aren't we?

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