Thursday, January 25, 2007


Top Talent and what to do when they depart...

If your company escorts folks to the door, you are doomed to mediocrity...

What if the enterprise architecture team as part of talent management convinced the cordial but otherwise clueless folks in human resources to figure out better ways to transition work to others under the supervision of architects. The key word that you should focus on is transition which implies that there are abrupt cutoffs, milestones, hurdles, gates, etc. What if transition included the ability to pay the departing employee two additional weeks of pay after their last official day on the job? Would an employee be more than likely to help you down the road after they have transitioned?

The real problem with why such approaches will never go anywhere is that within large enterpries, the actions and policies are not in harmony. The proper value system that IT executives such encourage includes:

I wonder if I could get Brenda Michelson to figure out other aspects of talent management that us enterprisey folks should be paying attention to? Anyway, John Meaney gave me some thoughts on this topic, so I can't take all the credit...

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