Friday, January 05, 2007


Today, I wore makeup at work!

Political correctness is sometimes a funny thing in corporate environments. I was being interviewed on enterprise perspectives on SOA. A camera crew taped the interview which will be featured on several web sites. One of the more interesting things is that while I always new I had oily skin that even after soaking it all up with paper towels, I still shined when all those lights hit me. Out came the Maybelline.

Later on, I went back to my desk and asked several fellow architects did they notice anything different about me and they didn't notice a thing which tells me the shades chosen were right. Anyway, I am of the belief that if someone noticed me wearing makeup that a nasty rumor would have gotten started but no one would have said anything publicly due to political correctness so I better declare it myself. For the record, I don't have plans to wear makeup at work anytime soon. I wonder if Maybelline though would be game in having me become their next spokesmodel?

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