Friday, January 05, 2007


Thoughts on Sun and OpenSSO and

I wonder if Sun will take the steps of getting others to embrace OpenSSO? For example, SalesForce today doesn't accept SAML and has their own custom delegated authentication protocol. While it would be nice for everyone to embrace standards, others can find reasons to avoid rationalize why they don't embrace standards, this puts the onus on folks to build bridges. Hopefully the OpenSSO folks will create a bridge to salesforce.

Likewise, I would to see OpenID also be embraced by Salesforce as this could benefit them immensely. Maybe Johannes Ernst could ping Benji Jasik, Simon Fell and others who work there and figure out how to not just get them to collaborate but to also implement. This does beg the question, why do industry analysts not measure standards which enable interoperability. Maybe one or two of them could ping folks such as Prateek Mishra at Oracle or even his former CA folks to see if Netegrity and/or Oblix will be doing the same...

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