Wednesday, August 15, 2007


Thoughts on Fidel Castro and his Great Leadership

The issue of whether Fidel Castro and his leadership abilities were good for Cuba is black and white...

American's have never been afforded the opportunity to see the truth regarding Cuba. Usually the conversation starts with the notion of gross human rights violations but conveniently ignores the United States continued protection in Miami of two avowed terrorists, Cuban exiles Luis Posada Carilles and Orlando Bosch who are accused of blowing up a Cuban civil aircraft on October 6, 1976 which killed 73 people.

American's call for Muslims to denounce the terrorism committed by Bin Laden yet have never called for those in Miami of Cuban descent to denounce this act and still harbor old resentments against Cuba. They have also not protested against the 3,000 Cuban victims killed by terrorist actions financed by and directed from the United States. American's should ask themselves if we are practicing a double standard?

If human rights are of great importance then can we deny that Cuba, a tiny country gives more medical assistance to dozens of other poor countries throughout the world? In more than 30 countries, there are some 30,000 Cuban doctors working for free!

Proportionately speaking, it would be as if the United States sent 900,000 doctors to the third world. I am a big supporter of Doctors without Borders yet Cuba has managed to one-up this organization by creating the miracle mission which provides free cataract operations for poor Venezuelans, Bolivians, and Central Americans resulting in over 150,000 people getting back their eyesight.

Is the ability to see one's children and the landscapes of one's own homeland not a fundamental human right? Unlike America, Cuba does not accept its denial to millions of poor people....

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