Thursday, January 04, 2007


An Interesting Experience...

Tuesday, at work I had the opportunity to hang out with some folks in our Media Relations department who gave me wonderful pointers on how to make a better impression for an upcoming video interview. The funny thing is that I have presented at least fifty times at major industry conferences and even back in college, I was a DJ at a local radio station but this was different in a unique way which gave me an appreciation for the difficulty that many CEOs face.

They videotaped me and I got to study my facial expressions and learned that smiling at all times helps immensely with delivery. The weird thing is that the ability to smile in an empty room talking to yourself is really akward. Today, I woke up and figured I would practice smiling to myself and actually broke out laughing which I hope I don't do when the cameras are rolling. Maybe, during taping folks won't be too offended if I put pictures in the background that may make me smile. I was thinking about photos of scenes from Jackass, the Simpson and Office Space. Sadly, the taping for the upcoming video will be at work.

In terms of watching the video, one will also develop a complex in terms of vanity. I noticed that my hair is a little thinner that I realized and that my forehead with all those bright lights shined. Now I know that those Hollywood types wear makeup but it made me think about a little powder for myself. I wonder what my female coworkers would think if I wore Lancome or Este Lauder to work...

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