Tuesday, January 02, 2007


Fire your Enterprise Architect?

Eric Roch who is CTO at Perficient inappropriately amplified a comment made by David Linthicum suggesting that Enterprise Architects be fired if they are not promoting Service Oriented Architecture. Another perspective is surely needed...

If David had tons of integrity, he would have said that if Enterprise Architects are't promoting open source, they should be fired would have made more sense as open source has the potential of freeing the enterprise from expensive software licenses, provides the ability to get closer to the notion of value creation and not just cost vs return, and of course is the right thing to do, but no such perspective was offered.

I went googling for David to see if he has ever evangelized open source and couldn't find a single mention of which open source projects he recommends for the enterprise. I would be equally interesting if Eric also provided his perspectives in an upcoming blog entry.

Maybe they could both collectively talk about why enterprises shouldn't promote SOA as there are several good reasons for doing so. The first and obvious reason is that not all enterprises require it. Don't you think that SOA should be based on business need? The second reason is that many of us have been promoting SOA for years and already have mastery of it and have moved on to other problem spaces. The third reason for not promoting SOA is that while it has a great potential for ROI, there are other things in the enterprise that have an even bigger return. I hope you won't find fault with EAs who are cost conscious...

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