Saturday, January 13, 2007


Bribing Bloggers and Analysts

Alan Pelz-Sharpe had an interesting post on analyst relations that I thought was intriguing. He hinted that he spends a lot of time talking to customers and consultants. If I were to read into his statement, he is not talking to them in terms of having a one-way briefing but also talking to them to gain insight.

Wouldn't it be interesting if each analyst firm who also blogs were to publicly comment on what portion of their week they spend not briefing customers but actually picking their brains? I would love to ask James Governor, Charlene Li, and Alex Fletcher this question, but I suspect they would be annoyed.

The one discussion that I would expect to see in the blogosphere that no one ever really discusses is who should really pay for the great work that industry analysts provide? Yes, I am fully aware that software vendors pay 90% of the bill today, but is that the right model? If it isn't, then what would it take to get end users to stop expecting work to happen for free and for them to pay?

I wonder if Alan has ever talked with Barbara over at Tekrati? It would be interesting for him to contribute a different perspective to the open source analysis guide...

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