Tuesday, January 30, 2007


Association of Open Group Enterprise Architects

Folks are too busy creating certifications with the wrong characteristics...

First, they coupled membership to Certification which is generally a bad idea as this filters out really good folks in our profession who generally wouldn't make the effort to take a test. Most certifications are really good at establishing so-called credentials for folks who are employed by consulting firms who otherwise don't have the requisite background. If you have ever noted other certifications such as CISSP, you will note that pretty much the entire population works for consulting firms with the numbers at best representing 1% of full-time employees of end-user customers.

I learned of this certification from noted industry analyst Brenda Michelson whom also didn't provide in usual analyst form, any predictions on what types of folks will pursue, which will ignore and so on. She is probably aware that pursuit of certification within enterprises becomes important when IT executives who practice Management By Magazine read lots of articles in leading publications saying this is important. The Open Group simply isn't on the radar of most CIOs.

Another characteristic that any professional organization should strive for is in getting its members to share their knowledge with the public. To do so, is not just noble, it should be measured before one even becomes a member. Consider, all those enterprise architects who blog, present at conferences, write books and so on. Shouldn't they automatically be given fellow status?

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