Tuesday, December 19, 2006


Why my son is cooler than yours...

My son, who is in Kindergarten has been especially wonderful. Over the weekend, we went into Toys R us and before leaving, he insisted on buying a toy to donate to the Connecticut Childrens Medical Center and this was after last week when he decided to take the money he earned from doing choirs to buy his kindergarten classmates Organic cookies from: Boston Cookies which I highly recommend to others.

This week, he decided that since he wouldn't see all of his kindergarten friends, he would buy not just his class but all kindergarteners in his school, a bag of his favorite 100% organic cookies which by the way I end up gobbling down myself.

As many school systems are banning junk food during lunch, it becomes difficult to find stuff that tastes good while also being nutritious. Recently, the State of California passed a law: SB-19 which limits the amount of fat and sugar in foods served by their school system.

Anyway, the brand he eats is 100% compliant to the law. His favorite flavor is Hunka Chunka Chocolate. If you are interested in donating cookies to your local school system, also check out: Immaculate Baking and tell them I sent you.

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