Saturday, December 02, 2006


Ways to annoy vendors sales folks...

I wonder why venture capitalists still fund software startups who continue to hire idiot sales folks who have no idea on how to sell...

Got at least three calls this week from vendors inquiring whether I was interested in exploring a solution in the security domain. Pretty much every vendor in the security space almost always mentions SoX compliance and then proceeds into an endless name dropping monotone rant of all of their large clients who had executives who have no clue. The funny thing is that they never actually tell you want the product does.

Why do sales managers think they can get away with having folks call individuals in large enterprises with canned pitches? One sales person attempted to stretch beyond their abilities of doing real research and mentioned how it would help us achieve HIPAA compliance for all of our healthcare systems? I wonder if our CEO knows we are in this business? I think I better tell him to form a brand new division so this sales person can sell to us.

How come sales folks can't at least visit the company web site and understand the basic structure of a company before calling? Is this really too much to ask? In the past I have tried to be polite by suggesting that I would not talk with them until they sent me the URL to their CTO's blog and have briefed some of my favorite analyst firms. I am now thinking about the following tactics:

Sadly, I guess I haven't yet figured out how to say that I am not interested and to save my time and yours, I will just say goodbye...

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