Monday, December 25, 2006


Thoughts on BPM and Security

Several folks pinged me privately including strong satisfaction for organizing a discussion amongst Fortune enterprises and how we can get ECM Vendors to pay attention to security but challenged me to do the same thing in the BPM space as they felt this was even more important...

One industry analyst that I have a ton of respect for, Alan Peltz-Sharpe said something intriguing in this Blog Entry that I have been noodling. The phrase: I'm sure many ECM vendors will be secretly annoyed about this, for they pride themselves on their security capabilities made me ask myself several questions, including:Anyway, in terms of BPM I was noodling whether to do the same thing in the February/March timeframe in the BPM space. When I combine those who have contacted me privately along with those in my Address Book who also have similiar needs, I came up with the following list:Honestly, organizing such a call is more work than I want to take on and would love to get someone else to own it. The problem is that I can't figure out who else has a vested interest in seeing BPM and security converge? Is there an industry analyst that would like to own the conversation? I think there will be a ton of insight that would emerge from doing so.

The goal is to start a conversation around BPM and the following topics:

If you happen to be employed by a Fortune 200 enterprise (whose primary business isn't technology) and would like to see BPM vendors improve their security posture and would like to participate in a conference call with other Fortune enterprises on this subject, please leave a comment using your work email address and the BPM vendor you use and I will send you an invite...

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