Wednesday, December 27, 2006


Service Oriented Architectures and Security

Ever noticed that many of the SOA industry thought leaders never talk about security and instead talk about the importance of business alignment. Is this because they don't have any perspective on security?

At a recent conference, folks from Sonic Software indicated that support for XACML was on their roadmap, yet their Chief Technology Evangelist: David A. Chappell never talks about it. I wonder why? I also searched the blog of Annrai O'Toole looking for similar insights into SOA and security and came up blank. Ignoring for a moment, he is of the belief that research reports are complete but later on acknowledges that many open source players are missing yet doesn't believe that anything is wrong with them being left out. I wonder if this is because open source ESBs such as ServiceMix may have better security postures than closed source ESBs. Maybe he will not only demand but amplify the need for industry analysts to include both closed source proprietary and open source product offerings in their research reports. Maybe not...

Likewise, I understand how Appliances help ease integration in SOA Integration is more than just a problem of moving around data to support business processes, security is also crucial. Every enterprise going down this path should ask themselves the following questions:

I wonder what Dana Blankenhorn, Denise Howell, Mitch Ratcliffe, Phil Becker, Joe McKendrick, Ronan Bradley's perspective are on SOA and Security?

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