Sunday, December 03, 2006


Response to Obie Fernandez

It is interesting to see how many bloggers simply have no clue...

Imagine a big fan of Ruby on Rails discussing the notion of Semantic Enterprise Architecture without actually talking about what is enterprise architecture in the first place. Enterprise Architecture is not software architecture, SOA, the Semantic Web, etc. I find it intriguing that no one from the Ruby community actually called him on it.

Then he creatively chooses to conveniently break apart sentences and even distort what was said in the past so as to attempt to prove himself right. I have never said that I didn't believe that Ruby on Rails wasn't ever used within the walls of Fortune 1000 enterprises. I did say that Ruby on Rails was never used within Fortune 100 enterprises whose primary business model isn't technology for development of a revenue generating, mission-critical enterprise application.

Why is it so difficult for folks from the Ruby community to simply acknowledge that we disagree on matters of opinion but that what I am saying is factually accurate? Folks such as Daniel Berger and Robby Russell seem to think that I post facts regarding Ruby on Rails solely to bait James Robertson whom by the way is an evangelist for Smalltalk who can factually prove that there are Fortune 100 enterprises whose primary business model isn't technology and that they have developed mission-critical revenue generating enterprise applications using it.

Maybe the Ruby community is somewhat envious of James Robertson, Gary Short and those who have developed systems who have billions of dollars of revenue flowing threw them. Your redirection techniques will not work. In the past whenever I was wrong, I apologized not only privately but publicly. Did you see my public apology to James Robertson and Chris Petrilli? I wonder if you are capable of the same?

Obie, I suspect whatever beta idea you have cooked up, still will not result in supplying sorely needed facts on Ruby. If you provide even one factual proof point, I will immediately donate $250 to a mutually agreed upon charity. If you only respond with another set of opinions or even better, excercise your right to remain silent then maybe the blogosphere will start to see where the real chasm resides...

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