Thursday, December 21, 2006


Open Source and Gaming

The one area in which closed source continues to dominate is in the gaming arena. With Microsoft's recent release of Game Studio Express open source continues to fall behind...

I wonder when Chris Melissinos, Sun's Chief Gaming Officer will step up and start talking about game creation SDK's and not just runtime platforms in terms of gaming servers. What if Sun were to purchase the Torque Gaming Engine and make it 100% open source?

It seems to me that Sun hasn't yet figured out its role in the gaming industry. Maybe you could share with folks, the notion of a reference architecture for gaming servers that mirror the likes of Is there a good reason for the server-side of gaming to be built on Sun Solaris?

Chris, how about throwing some more money at industry analyst firms such as Redmonk, The 451 Group or The Burton Group and get them to initiate coverage of the gaming industry? As you are aware, many of the analysts that cover gaming, provide research into the marketing and product side of gaming but not the underlying technology that goes into it.

Sun can have a bigger potential in terms of growth by demonstrating deep thought leadership in gaming as folks from Oracle are too busy selling to us enterprisey types while others such as BEA and IBM are chasing consumerish web 2.0 approaches. Your only competition is Microsoft and they simply can't win. At least not against the fact that many gaming developers prefer their server platforms to be on Linux/Unix equivalents and wouldn't for a minute think of putting a server on the Internet running Windows.

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