Monday, December 25, 2006


Jews and Keeping Kosher

Yesterday, I went to Crown's Supermarket which is a Kosher grocery and found many items which definetely aren't Kosher...

At home, I tend to eat either Kosher or Zabihah as this is what God commanded of all humans. Of course many Christians have gotten it twisted and have strayed towards unlawful foods. Even for those who aren't religious, eating Kosher is more healthy than not. Have you ever seen how they slaughter cows? Ever think about all that dripping blood that other supermarkets leave in the packet for you to purchase and how healthy it is for you to consume?

I have lots of interactions with Jewish folks and many are my friends. At some level, they have frustrated me though by introducing me to Crowns Supermarket which has one of the absolute best bakeries on the planet. Have you ever had their TV Bars? They are easily good for a 1000 calories.

Anyway, yesterday I saw that they are now selling bacon bits and Digornio Pepperoni Pizza. The thought of a Kosher grocery store selling pork blows my mind. Jewish people are blessed by our creator with one of the most wonderful faiths on the planet , is it too much for us Goyim to ask that you stick to it...

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