Wednesday, December 20, 2006


Blogosphere Tag Meme

Jeff Pulver started a new meme asking folks to share five little known facts about themselves and then tag five people from your blogroll to do the same...:

  1. The only reason I am in IT is that my career in the United States Coast Guard didn't work out. I was honorably discharged and needed to be gainfully employed, so I went back to what I did in high school (I worked at Cigna in their Data Center) which was IT.

  2. I am neither Democratic nor Republican as their is a dime's worth of difference between these parties
  3. In terms of my family bloodline, we originate small American Indian tribe in Alabama, Indians (like in India) via Trinidad, Spanish via Puerto Rico and Grenada and of course what I am typically classified as.
  4. I flunked high-school English (partially because I felt she needed a smack, partially because I exercised my right to remain silent after one of my peers stole her gradebook and I laughed out loud and in her face about it) and hence became a writer out of the notion of giving Ms Bazyck my middle finger
  5. I will sell classified information to terrorists in exchange for Little Debbie snackcakes

I’m tagging James Tarbell, Brenda Michelson, Scott Mark, James Robertson, and Shekhar Jha.

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