Tuesday, November 07, 2006


Why Open Source is no longer relevant...

The repeat-after-me open source crowd continues to talk about operating systems which are for the most part meaningless. Businesses want to think about open source in a way that is closer to business concerns like industry vertical applications or at least things that are closer such as Portals, BPM and Enterprise Service Bus.

In my humble opinion the conversation needs to move away from technology (Yes, industry analysts you will lose revenue from promoting vendor-oriented architectures but at least you will have integrity) to approaches that encourage folks to be as open as possible, sharing information about themselves resulting in architectures previously not even envisioned. This is the real enterprise 2.0...

Emre Sokullu has started the Open Human project. The funny thing is that most enterprisey folks forget that they should focus on people, then process then tools in that order. We seem to allow the process weenies to run the asylum when in all reality we should be working on initatives that affirm the dignity and worth of all people, based on the ability to determine right and wrong by appeal to universal human qualities.

What if enterprise 2.0 removed our selfish pettiness or narrowness of thoughts, interests, opinions and views, would the enterprise be in a better state? What if enterprise 2.0 encouraged more of nationalistic approach to EA instead of the my enterprise vs your enterprise?

Consider what real knowledge is about and if each enterprise had to find their own truth and didn't sit around waiting for it to be handed to them through revelation, mysticism, tradition, pontification from creators of the agile manifesto, or even nicely packaged industry analyst research in matrix form would we be better off? Should enterprise 2.0 demand that we avoid blindly accepting unsupported beliefs such as allowing large software vendors to tell us why open source is bad for us without stating any factual reasons as to why?

There is a Knowledge Crisis in Corporate America. One reason may be our desire to have an optimistic attitude about the capacity of people without really calling to the forefront that not all things are done for noble reasons. What would happen if we were to focus on doing good and living well in the here and now and more importantly leaving the world better for those who come after us and not just answering to the cheese dicks on Wall Street who can only think about next quarter?

Whether you are Jewish, Christian or Muslim, we all believe that there is just but one God! Maybe enterprise 2.0 should have a call to action in terms of spirituality where folks are held accountable to improving the human condition. Part of improving the human condition in my opinion would be to kidnap every person who wants to point out distinctions between Judaism, Christianity and Islam while not acknowledging that we are being attacked on another level. Ask yourself if you happen to get involved in these types of conversations at work, are the person's intentions truly sincere and compatible with what God wants or is there something else at play...

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