Thursday, November 23, 2006


Thought Leadership requires thinking out loud...

Thinking out loud is the act of expressing in recoverable and external form new thoughts which you encourage your mind into exploring. Often these lead to new avenues of thought. When you think out loud you detect and explore ideas and concepts which are either unknown or as yet unexplored. This exercise can be the first step in moving from a mental doldrums into new paths of exploration.

Let those around you hear what you're thinking and invite input on your thoughts. The effect of doing thinking out loud and publicly is that it will probably evoke opinions which either support, amplify or contradict and minimize. Some might say "I have a similar but different idea that is Perhaps Better" response, leading to interaction and Dialog.

Of course, there will be those whose attempt to derail thought leadership, but it is vital that you always take the high road. Whether they are successful in exposing vulnerabilities is irrelevant as exposure of your intelligence, knowledge and thoughtful processes are more important. Sometimes critics are envious, but at other times critics are also your best friends.

Sometimes being a thought leader requires great insensitivity to criticism as no one really wants to hear that they are not perfect. They know they're not, but they don't want you to know. The real question is whether these same critics are capable of constructive criticism. In case, they aren't and you are one of them, here are some tips:

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