Friday, November 03, 2006


Process as a Substitute for Competence

Corporate America suffers from having too many process weenies evangelizing time wasting pursuits such as CMMi, PMI and even Six Sigma to a certain extent when they should be focused more on leveraging the strengths of individuals instead of babbling bullshit on competencies. Maybe IT leadership management should study the lessons of Red Auerbach and how he brought the Boston Celtics to greatnesss...

In many settings I have stated with passion that in order for enterprise architecture to be truly meaningful we need to stop mistaking process for architecture! Have you ever noticed that no one spends time thinking in corporate America, only doing. This further leads to a Knowledge Crisis and the death spiral of jobs leaving America to suboptimal parts of the planet.

What would happen if all of my enterprise architect peers at work and even in other corporations sat aside one day and developed wonderful Powerpoint presentations that taught folks how to think about certain problem spaces while telling their boss to go roll a big one and smoke it whenever they ask for checklists, best practices and the need to distill down information into a couple of slides.

Why don't these clowns running the asylum figure out how to get me enrolled in the Master's degree program at Yale and then immediately ask them to instead of spending time learning focus, in on the salient points of a degree and to put it into a one-pager so that everyone and their grandmother can participate? Wouldn't it be wonderful if everything can be distilled?

Anyway, back to the observation that one should not mistake process for architecture. I came across a better definition for my own rant. Check out Process as a Sustitute for Competence...

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