Saturday, November 11, 2006


More Thoughts on Industry Analysts and Data De-Identification

Noted industry analyst James Governor of RedmMonk commented on Why Enterprises Can Ignore Data Protection Legislation in the UK. I felt a counter perspective is warranted...

We live in a global economy where laws can be enforced regardless of where the company may be domiciled. For example, we all know that our Microsoft friends reside in Redmond yet that didn't stop the European Union from successfully suing them. UK companies whether they decide to ignore their own laws may still need to pay attention to the laws of other countries who actually enforce.

I think the second perspective is that industry analysts who blog need to understand that their opinions are read by folks in other than their home country and therefore should encourage folks to take a higher ground vs simply suggesting it be solely left up to the judgement of one's employer.

Third, I believe that there is an opportunity for Redmonk to make some money in this space as the large industry analyst firms aren't paying attention to it. Industry analysts make money by charging fees to vendors and there is no shortage of vendors in this space. For example, in the ETL style approach, you will find vendors such as Princeton Softech, Compuware have products. Likewise, you will find innovative products from vendors such as Cerebit and Verdasys handling the production side of this problem space. If you looked really hard, you would even find the likes of Cognizant, Wipro, TCS, and other Indian based outsourcing firms also developing solutions.

The fourth and probably most important perspective is that Redmonk covers vendors such as IBM, Oracle and Microsoft who actually have on their roadmap ways to build protection mechanisms directly into their database engines. You should check out what the folks in IBM labs are thinking. Anyway, I would think that all these folks aren't putting so much effort into building products if there weren't an aweful lot of companies that wanted to take the high-road.

Consider how many enterprises desire to take the high road yet can't find a quadrant, a wave or any other coverage. Do you think this may be a way for Redmonk to better penetrate the minds of enterprisey folk? Maybe you could assist the folks in the UK in paying attention to us American's? After all, we do enterprise architecture, SOA and open source better, and now will take the lead in security too...

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