Saturday, November 11, 2006


The loss of diversity that comes with outsourcing...

A blogger named Piyush Pant left an intriguing comment in my blog: I figured I would ask him and his peers whether they could provide answers to some questions inquiring minds would love to know...

My original post was on diversity as measured from an EEOC perspective which includes race, religion, nationality, color of skin, gender, sexual preference and so on. Your response to language is interesting but not relevant. Likewise, taking the notion of culture outside of the dimension in which I asked is dishonest.

If folks from outsourcing firms have any integrity, here are ten questions that I defy anyone residing in India to respond to with facts while refraining from throwing daggers:

FYI. I have family of Indian descent so don't get it twisted and think that I am attacking all Indian blood. Simply need for certain truths to be spoken. If the gaps are acknowledged then the world will become a better place with open, honest dialog...

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