Saturday, November 25, 2006


Large Enterprises that contribute to open source...

There is a story that analysts refuse to tell about large enterprises whose primary business model isn't technology and their wonderful contributions to open source. In the past, I have talked about wonderful enterprises such as Duke Energy and Morgan Stanley. Today, I just learned that Aviva who is the second largest insurer in Canada contributed their in-house written ESB to the JBoss project.

They build their own ESB when they started to encounter integration problems rolling out Oracle Financials. Being that they are also a big user of JBoss application server, contributing simply made good business sense. I have even asked other analyst firms such as Redmonk figuring that they wouldn't ignore the idea like the large analysts firms to provide coverage on this emerging dimension. I failed in this approach as well. I did forget to ask Raven Zachary of 451 Group to dig into this and publish, hopefully I won't fail a second time.

Likewise, I think it would be equally interesting if Matt Asay of the OSBC would also track down their CIO and get him/her to speak at the next conference. I will also be pinging Chad Hersh, Donald Light and Matthew Josefowicz of Celent Research to see if they would be game to cover this trend from an industry vertical perspective...

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