Thursday, November 02, 2006


Exploiting Secondlife for Crime Purposes...

SecondLife is becoming a popular platform. I wonder how terrorists can exploit it...

Not only is government enterprise architecture a big fat joke but the folks who protect our country against terrorists are absolutely clueless.

For example, consider the fact that you can convert real US dollars to virtual Linden dollars. Likewise, there is a marketplace on sites such as eBay that allow you to convert the other way. This equals a big fat potential for money laundering. I suspect though that the federal government is too busy bothering publicly held companies instead of focusing on efforts such as this which could allow for violations of the Patriot Act.

In SecondLife, there are clans of users that run around spinning folks up in the air, I wonder when this will be classified as simple amusement or terrorism if the virtual avatar gets injured? Of course there is no police force as no one wants to spend time ensuring a crime free environment. Besides, no one has erected a virtual Donut shop in SecondLife yet so the police departments haven't yet figured out a reason to participate.

Consider the fact that SecondLife actually has a problem with the vices, so virtualized crime is already happening. What would happen if you exposed a virtual casino in SecondLife and started collecting virtual Linden dollars. Is this another way that Indian casinos could subvert government control...

I wonder when will the blogosphere call for Linden Labs to make SecondLife open source so that security can be increased?

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