Friday, November 17, 2006


Enterprise Architecture and the fine balance between people and process...

Good people in an excellent process with destroy great people in a poor process...

Do enterprise architects ever ask themselves whether their enterprises have great people? If they belief the answer is yes, then why aren't they working harder to capitalize on their most important asset vs focusing time and energy on all those mediocre at best folks?

Process can never replace talent yet most governance processes tend to encourage this thinking. Some enterprises comprimise their own greatness by only attempting to hire good people and put them into better processes. What would happen if they hired great people and allowed them to define their own processes (in a SoX compliant way of course)? Would America gain back its place in terms of competitive advantage?

The mediator process weenies that are infectious within our enterprises who seek out hybrid solutions will say that improvements to both process and people lead to improved output but never ask themselves which leads to more output. If enterprise architects worth their salt were allowed to kidnap the mediator types, the enterprise could start to recognize that peple play a far greater role than process and therefore this is where the focus should reside.

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