Tuesday, October 10, 2006


The trials and tribulations of being a book author...

Several royalty statements showed up today. Some were incredible, others were disappointing...

My latest book: Enterprise Service Oriented Architectures will be going to its third printing and has been selling well. The royalty statement indicates that international sales are increasingly making up more and more of the sales of my books. Several years ago, 10% of all books sold were international, and nowadays I am seeing over 50%. Are American's not buying books and surrending to the onslaught of outsourcing?

It seems as if no one is purchasing books on XQuery anymore. Sales across even competitive books have came to a halt. Anyway, as series editor for Springer Verlag, I am working on putting together a hot author team to cover the next generation of service oriented architectures and would like for folks to comment on what they feel is missing from the current series of books...

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