Saturday, October 07, 2006


Questions for Alfresco

While our enterprise already has a solution in this space, we are still following what the folks at Alfresco are doing and have several outstanding questions...

Jon Newton awhile back commented on what fine-grained authorization may look like in an ECM product but never specifically commented on whether the XACML specification was on Alfresco's roadmap. It would be cool if Alfresco were the first CMS to use an open industry standard in this regard.

ECM vendors seem to love to create their own identity stores against the industry trend of using an identity store that may already exist. How come ECM vendors aren't putting in functionality where identity stores such as Active Directory can be used?

What is the relationship between ECM and records retention? I did see some press regarding open source records retention products but can't find any detail on it. I do know that records retention is on my work radar and know that it also requires components such as rules engines and adapters to enterprise applications. Hopefully, we will see analyst coverage of anything open source in the records retention space by Gartner and Forrester shortly?

One of my criteria for selecting a vendor who uses open source approaches in their business model is to understand who other than employees of the company itself are also contributing to the code base. If I learn that developers of Fortune enterprises whose primary business isn't technology have made investments into the code base then I become very interested. Could someone knowledable about the Alfresco community comment on this?

Folks such as Alan Pelz-Sharpe of Wipro have in the abstract talked about the need for an enterprise content integration (ECI) layer within an ECM architecture. I assume this goes above and beyond simple JSR-170 compliance. What should products that integrate with an ECI layer subscribe to in terms of functionality and APIs?

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