Saturday, October 28, 2006


A politically correct way to tell IT folks to close their pie hole...

There are lots of Americans who are losing their jobs to folks in other countries when it comes to outsourcing. Yes, our government is filled with losers and it is time to throw George Bush and his republicrats out on their butts and get someone who puts their own country first.

One characteristic of leadership that isn't talked about much is who a leader represents and how much they waiver in their beliefs. Within the African American community there are two examples that come to mind. First, there is Jesse Jackson who seems to chase agendas yet many folks in their ignorance assume he is a leader when they should think of him as an idiot. On the other side there are folks such as Minister Farrakhan who never waivers in terms of who he represents. Folks may not like what he says but he stands for something.

Maybe it is time for IT folks of all races, religions and nationalities to emulate Minister Farrakhan and avoid those collaborative types like Jesse Jackson who don't know when to close their pie hole...

One thing that feels racist to me is some of the conversations I hear in private regarding outsourcing. Yet another person shared a feeling with me yesterday while at Lowes (Sorry Home Depot for being a traitor) regarding the fact that they were the only white guy in a meeting room full of Indians. My perspective on this issue is different than most in that folks are starting to feel something I have always felt pretty much every single day of my entire life.

What I tell folks is that you were too freakin stupid to have embraced diversity in terms of quotas several years ago and got caught up in worrying about the two chinese guys and the Puerto rican entering IT. Since diversity wasn't important to you, it is now being used against you. Diversity and support for it go both ways and you shouldn't only embrace it when it works for you.

Another thing that I often hear folks talk about is in helping creating jobs in otherwise poor countries and how it hurts the wealth of our own. Yes, Americans should have a preference for keeping jobs in America but they should also help economically. The real question is how.

I wonder if folks would feel better helping out a country such as Trinidad over countries such as India? After all, Trinidad is more diverse in terms of race and religions. In an outsourcing context, one can achieve the same cost efficiencies as well. If you look at moving IT jobs to Trinidad would it be less evil than India? I think so.

Maybe you should embrace championing the notion of outsourcing but likewise embrace championing diversity. If you look at a country such as Trinidad, they don't make their own cars or pretty much anything and lots of goods are purchased directly from the United States. Would you rather give someone in another country $1 making them rich only to have them turnaround and have the need to buy everything back from the US or watch our monies leave our own economy by outsourcing to less diverse countries such as India?

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