Monday, October 09, 2006


Open Source Security Strategy

In the past, noted industry analysts such as James Governor of RedMonk has commented on his desie to see the strategies that are created by large enterprises. I was thinking of a way to make his wish come true...

Since security in most situations doesn't really lead to competitive advantage, maybe there is merit to make it open source. I was thinking though that I needed to understand how much work this would be to accomplish relative to the amount of folks who would be interested in consuming it.

My current thought right now says that if I could get firm commitments from Jon Udell of Infoworld, and analysts from four different firms with one of them being Gartner then the effort would be worthwhile. Just so that I don't disappoint folks, please trackback as to what you would like to know about the security strategy of a large enterprise and I may consider granting your request. Of course we won't tell you anything that will compromise our security, but this shouldn't prevent us from sharing other aspects...

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