Thursday, October 26, 2006


Los Angeles and the Lunatic Fringe in the Blogosphere...

I heard an interesting story yesterday from a former blogger who was harrassed by someone in the blogosphere and they had to get law enforcement involved. The funny thing is that I previously heard the story from others which indicates an interesting pattern...

Apparently this person had called him at work not understanding that most financial services firms in order to comply with various regulations record all calls. Even funnier is the fact that they were working with the FBI as part of their Infraguard program and actually started harrassing the person who by chance picked up the phone to dial when at the same time the phone rang.

Phones are the absolute worst way to harrass someone. Some even think they are clever by using VoIP when in all reality they have made things worse as this is regulated by the FCC and all crimes that cross state borders become escalated to federal offenses. Anyway, it does take a little bit for law enforcement to cross jurisdictions, but they always find their man...

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