Saturday, September 30, 2006


Why outsourcing to Trinidad may make more sense than India...

Periodically, I have mentioned in my blog several facets of discrimination which are practiced by folks from India. Figured I would share links that provide additional perspectives...

India's population includes an estimated 120 to 150 million folks of Islamic descent which should translate into about 15% of the folks who take jobs away from American's in an outsourcing context at about 15%. Yet these folks seem to be strangely absent. Within my travels, this year I have only met one person of the islamic faith from an outsourcing firm. Do Indian outsourcing firms believe they should practice something similar to our EEOC laws or that they should put their heads in the sand and convince themselves that everything is ok?

I understand why American's don't really care about the above since they have the perspective that it doesn't affect them. What if they also learned about lack of opportunity in India for those of the Christian faith? This is the same tactic used by Israel to convince Americans that Palestine's current freely elected government is somehow illegitimate when if the story got out about Christians the perspective may change.

According to Human Rights Watch, more than 250 million people worldwide face caste-based discrimination which the vast majority of it occuring in India. Has anyone ever heard of the Dalits?

We are all now talking about Lebanon and their supposed hostility towards Israel. I wonder if the conversation should be about India's support of terrorism in Sri Lanka.

I wonder if the leadership in India could learn a thing or two from a country such as Trinidad which has a high Indian population yet practices no form of caste-based discrimination. Maybe they could learn how to setup equitable economic exchanges where both countries benefit from the relationship and neither party loses good high-paying jobs.

In a future blog, I will discuss factual economic reasons why outsourcing to Trinidad makes better financial sense not only for corporations but the United States economy over doing the same to India...

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