Saturday, September 16, 2006


Technorati and Ruby on Rails

Awhile back I mentioned an idea on how to increase my technorati rank by encouraging others to give to charity. Sadly, this has failed but I do have a plan B...

I have noticed something intriguing about the Ruby on Rails crowd in that they never seem to answer questions directly and prefer instead to throw daggers. Anytime I say anything about this it tends to result in lots of bloggers chiming in and attacking me instead of providing compelling reasons for why anyone who may possibly share a similar viewpoint to change their opinion.

Ruby on Rails while a decent solution for small trivial problem spaces still isn't ready for the enterprise and I defy anyone in the Ruby community to prove otherwise. My challenge of anyone in the Ruby community that can do any of the below still stands:

The funniest thing is that the blogosphere can be thought of as just one big enterprise. Sometimes on the surface my peers do things that appear stupid. They sometimes have to walk into meetings and pretend that they have no clue when in all reality they know the answer they seek and have deep mature thinking into the problem space. They usually lead with a very dumb sounding question which tends to result in lots of dialog. Usually what occurs is that half the crowd will get torqued in that the dialog will either cause additional work or minimally frustration while the other half may start to see the larger picture.

Anyway, I wonder if this often used enterprise tactic may work in the blogosphere to get those Ruby and Smalltalk types to see an alternative perspective and not just their own? Going forward I should bait the conversation by leaving windows of opportunity open to start a larger dialog vs posting my own conclusions. While deep thinking is a good thing, sometimes sharing it before its time is detrimental and instead causing noise is a better approach.

I suspect that the community will come out of the woodwork and throw daggers at me instead of addressing the comment. Either way, my technorati rank shall increase...

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