Friday, September 22, 2006


Software Vendors: How to ensure you will never win business...

I got a package from a vendor who is in the disk-based backup space that I will go out of my way to ensure that they don't get my attention...

Imagine receiving a nicely dressed box where cool trinkets come to mind only to be disappointed to learn that it contained a pack of bubble gum! Some marketing person thought it was OK to waste natural resources by killing tons of trees to simply make bubble gum look pretty.

In today's society, you would figure that folks would be a little smarter. Ignoring the environmental aspect of their stupidity, the gum wasn't even kosher. Ever heard of a place called the Middle East? You should whenever serving any food product ensure that it meets the standards of today's diverse IT population. Everything you consider should be Kosher at a mininum and vegetarian out of respect for those from India.

The funny thing is that in this mailing, they didn't even know my title as if they bought a list from some magazine which tends to have generic categorizations. Even worse, I think they made an assumption that lots of folks chew gum. Guess what? Lots of folks don't including myself. I haven't chewed gum over a year and now definetely won't for another.

I have refrained from mentioning the vendors name in hopes that they may do something redeeming. The CTO of this company should consider making a sizable donation to my current favorite charity: Nine Million within the next thirty days...

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