Wednesday, September 20, 2006


The miseducation of an Enterprise Architect

Talent Management in today's enterprises are non-existent. If small is the new big then certainly idiocy is the rising star in corporate America...

IT executives and CIO magazine have been encouraging each other to increase communication channels (FUBAR comes to mind) when in all reality they haven't acknowledged what the enterprise really lacks is a thoughtful architecture. Imagine as a career path when an enterprise takes their best and brighest and asks them to not work on the creation of thoughtful strategies, roadmaps and architectures but to communicate them to other parties.

The simple fact is that while enterprises suffer from poor communication, this fact shouldn't take your best people to solve for. In all reality, the art of communication is something any IT firm can simply bring in their favorite insultancy and have them back up the school bus and let the kindergartners recent college graduates have at this problem space and let those with experience instead of babysitting focus on areas in which they are strong.

I suspect that most executives can see the forest for all those damn trees in the way. Luckily, they have a process that weeds them out every three to five years. For those who keep attempting to recruit enterprise architects, maybe you could start sharing how your enterprise deals with this problem space...

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