Saturday, September 02, 2006


Microsoft and XACML

I heard a rumor that the next version of Active Directory will support the XACML specification. Good to hear that Microsoft has been thoughtful about the limitations of ACL-based approaches and understand how fine-grained entitlements would increase security of the Windows platform. If Microsoft pulls this off, they would have a lead advantage of Solaris and Linux.

There are two things that I would love to learn more about. First, is Kim Cameron attempting to figure out how XACML can be incorporated into Cardspace to express Privacy Policies? Second, I would love to know if Microsoft and IBM are noodling including XACML support into the next revision of the WS-Federation specification?

Anyway, I would love to be an early beta-tester of this platform. Hopefully the folks at Burton Group and Redmonk will provide deep coverage of this great news...

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