Sunday, September 10, 2006


Judiasm vs Islam: The Saga Continues

Today, I went to Crown's supermarket (100% Kosher store) to pick up a Spiderman Birthday cake for my son who is turning five. At the register was a donation box asking folks to contribute monies to those injured in Northern Israel...

I had asked several folks in the store whether the contributions to this fund would only benefit those of the Jewish faith or would it help all races and nationalities of those displaced by Hezbollah in Northern Israel. There was deafening silence...

We know that Hezbollah was indiscriminate in their attacks and that they also hurt those of the Christian and Islamic faith as well. I wonder why there stories are never told?

Anyway, when I arrived home I went through the mail where I got a solicitation from the ARCSociety who wants to help the children of Lebanon where over 1,000,000 people of all faiths have fled their homes.

I was thinking about visiting the local Jewish Community Center and putting up a donation box for contributions to those in Lebanon. Likewise, I was also thinking about visiting the local Mosque and putting in a donation box to contribute to those displaced in Israel.

It would be interesting to know which demographic has the most humane thoughts and will be charitable to those outside of their own faith....

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