Saturday, September 02, 2006


Israel and crimes against logic...

Why America prefers Israel over other countries in the Middle East is a crime against logic...

It is amusing to note that Israel invaded Lebanon and when other countries stepped up to help Israel, they said they would only permit help from those who they already have diplomatic relations with. I wonder if the next time someone attempts to break into my house and I dial 911 whether they will honor my request to only send police officers who are Puerto Rican and bald headed.

Maybe at some level, this aligns with my own political philosophy behind the notion of Less Laws, a political movement to counter the conspiracy of George Bush, the Republican Party and their Democrat friends.

In a local court building, as you walk in it states: Laws are made for men of ordinary understanding. The ironic part is that you will definetely see lots of men, but not a single one understanding. I wonder if understanding requires lawyers kinda like an corporation requires enterprise architects to translate techno-speak into the language that other folks communicate with.

The laws that are best understood are the ones that folks choose themselves. Imagine if there were a way to walk into a court system and declare you were Jewish and the judge caught you eating something that was not Kosher and decided to punish you to laws you declared were your own vs the current approach of forcing laws upon others if they don't agree.

Police Officers would in this situation arrest Jewish people for eating Ham sandwiches but couldn't arrest Hindu's. At some level, this becomes the practice of justice instead of simply the practice of law. Taking this notion one step forward, what if we could translate Richard Stallman's views on GNU and Free Software and simply remove the word software and replace with laws. Would the world be a better place?

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